Post 284 Programs

Some of the many activities in which Post 284 is engaged are listed below:

memday.gif (4023 bytes)Annually, conducts a Memorial Day service at the Veterans Memorial located on the Boulevard In Colonial Heights

poppy3.gif (2662 bytes)Provides Color Guards for Veterans Day  and Other Patriotic ceremonies. 

Furnishes a Color Guard for parades, ceremonies, funerals and American Legion meetings.

Provides Service Officer's & Chaplain's assistance to members & their families in times of need.

Participates in the American Legion High School Oratorical Contest program.

Mddoc1.gif (327 bytes) Visits McGuire Veteran Hospital several times a month to comfort/assist hospitalized Veterans.

Contributes to the National Emergency Relief Fund which supports American Legion Posts.

baseball.gif (4004 bytes)Sponsors Four American Legion Baseball Teams  

turkey.gif (13617 bytes)Xmas12.jpg (9764 bytes)Provides Thanksgiving  and Christmas  food baskets for families in need as well as conducting a Children’s Shopping event to ensure needy children and their families have something for Christmas

Sponsors Boy Scout Troop…